My apologies – I was slow to get the transcript of Episode #24 – my interview with Neale Donald Walsch – completed and posted. I had many other urgent things going on in my life. But I did get it completed, and Episode #24 is now posted, complete with all the downloadables, including show notes.

I hope you’ve already listened to the episode on your favorite podcast service!

I greatly enjoyed doing the interview with Neale, and I think the recording turned out great. Neale always has so much to say about the messages he has received in his conversations with God, and that information is always important and interesting to spiritual seekers like us. What he has to share is important. In the interview, Neale reminds us of the three invitations from God: “Change the world’s mind about God”, “Give people back to themselves”, and “Awaken the species”.

If you’ve listened to the episode, you already know that much of the discussion centers around the content of Neale’s two most recent books – Conversations with God Book 4: Awaken the Species and The Essential Path.

The need for mankind to awaken has never been greater, and in fact it has really become urgent since we now need to save the Earth and the human species from the pressing perils of civil breakdown, war, climate change, and the increasing possibility of human extinction. In The Essential Path, Neale’s discusses the “world’s biggest problem” as the cause of our crises that our growing worse by the day. The world’s biggest problem, as he said, is Alienation. And it arises from not understanding and agreeing on Who and What We Truly Are. If you haven’t read the book you, I urge you to do so.

If you would like to discuss any of what Neale said in the interview or my summary (in the above paragraph) of what’s going on in the world, you are welcome to add comments below. But please let’s have a rational and respectful discussion.

Name calling and vitriol is what we don’t need more of. What we do need more of his placing our attention on the kind of changes needed in the world in the presence of greater awareness, oneness, and love. It is up to spiritual difference makers, like ourselves, to help awareness, oneness, love, and peace grow in the world. We begin by placing our attention on what we want rather than on what we don’t want. We expand it by modeling those qualities in our own lives.

With love,

Ray Posch

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