For people who are attuned to spirituality, or more specifically to spirit within themselves, it is not unusual in these times for them to sense a calling for change. There is greater need in the world for love, kindness, compassion, and especially for awakening to the Oneness of all life in the world.

Individuals who do sense this calling for change may not know how to respond. Individuals can’t do much to change the conditions of the world… the 6th mass extinction of life that has been under way for 50 years, the inequities of world policies and systems that cause extensive poverty, starvation, and death from poor healthcare, the hate and racism and violence that is so pervasive, and of course, wars that seem to always be continuous somewhere in the world.

But spiritual individuals can hold love and peace in their hearts and, in fact, they can BE love and peace, and that causes those states of being and awareness to radiate out into the world. Peace and love are so badly needed, and every additional person who chooses to be love and peace adds to the collective force for good.

However, it is important that people do not respond to the hate and injustice that they see with more hate aimed at those hateful and unjust people that they see or hear about on television news. That just attracts more hate and injustice into the world. Instead, we must counter the hate and injustice with love and peace. We must live and act in ways that are loving, kind, compassionate, and peaceful because when we do that, we expand those qualities in the world AND we increase those positive thoughts in the collective consciousness.

As spiritual people also seek to awaken, and do awaken, it adds a great multiplying effect of spiritual energy. Awakening naturally increases awareness and alignment with Oneness, with Spirit and with all other people, and with time that brings a growing love, peace, and caring for the whole of humanity and the whole of Life.

So pay attention to those callings you are feeling within yourself and especially in the area of your heart.

Love to all,


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