People who understand the Law of Attraction and manifesting have been asking if we (humanity collectively) attracted the pandemic?

I certainly do not believe there were large groups of people specifically intending for a pandemic to occur. And it certainly was not Divine judgment or punishment for wrong behavior.

But I think the answer is that, yes, we did cause the pandemic. Although I resisted the claim that “there are no accidents” for a long, long time, I have begun to understand the truth in that statement. There is a vast collective consciousness in the world, and there is collective co-creation at work all of the time. And by co-creation, I mean that we are co-creating with the Universe or the Divine. We are co-creating what we chose to create, both consciously and unconsciously.

Now in this case, I think the collective consciousness has reached the state of divisiveness and dissatisfaction with the state of the world, that it now is demanding big change if the world is to survive and especially if civilization is to survive. We need big change, because the economic, political, and cultural systems clearly are not working for the common good. They are working for the good of the few, and in a Universe of Oneness, the world and its systems are totally out of alignment with Oneness.

Therefore, change in the form of mass disruption is needed to get the attention of all people. And I think the pandemic is doing just that. It is forcing many people who are caring people at heart to rethink what is right, and especially what is wrong, with the world and its systems – i.e., with their injustice, inequity, and the fact that they cause more harm than good.

Now the world’s problems are huge, and it will require a giant shift in mankind’s consciousness to begin to resolve those problems in a sane way. But at least we are seeing some good signs – such as some (and even many) people actually demonstrating kindness and compassion; we are seeing many companies and organizations creating advertisements that speak to compassion, goodness, and working together to deal with the challenges; and we are seeing that new approaches to doing business, working from home, and cooperating locally are possible.

But, as I concluded in the article about “Spirituality Beckoning??”, it requires people to BE different in the world – to be aligned with Oneness and therefore valuing every individual and the Earth itself – and that will take new thinking and new conversations involving the collective… most of humanity, not just a few individuals. Being the people we need to be must precede doing if change is to be successful.

Fortunately, new thinking and new conversations have begun to happen in recent years, and I think these will expand widely. Why? Because interest in self improvement, spirituality, alternative health, women’s issues, consciousness, psychic abilities, human evolution, and Oneness are growing very rapidly now, and I expect that to accelerate.

I see it in the existence of large organizations, such as Humanity’s Team, that are promoting and educating people about Oneness on a truly global and massive scale as even greater and more powerful evidence of the changes that are happening..

I will continue to write and talk about these themes of Oneness, changing the world, being different in the world, and the need for humanity to develop spiritually… to wake up, grow up, and participate in the growth of human consciousness. A growing number of people are seeing and supporting an “awakening of mankind”.

Many blessings to all…
Raymond Posch

PS. On May 11, 2020, I published episode #17 which expands on this same subject.

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