Spirituality Beckoning (formerly Spiritual Indies Only) podcast provides spiritual insights, personal stories, and guidance for spiritual indies – people who are spiritual but independent of religions, churches, and closed-mindedness. It is for people who are interested in spirituality, growing their inner selves, and making a positive difference in the world.

I am Raymond Posch, the podcast host, and I'm a fellow spiritual indie. I lead discussions about spirituality, life, and Oneness because your experience of those things directly relates to how fulfilled and happy you are in life.

I'm a long-time spiritual explorer, and also author of the book Awakening to Wholeness. I am the founder of Live Your Success LLC, a life coach and spiritual coach, and a spiritual radio talk show host on the News for the Soul network in addition to a podcaster.

I love spiritual indies because we are soul brothers and sisters. We want to make the world a better place, and we don't particularly like religions. Deep within our being, though, we do care about others!

In my Spirituality Beckoning podcasts, I discuss spirituality, life, and Oneness for and with spiritual indies. I want to share my personal stories, spiritual insights, and information coming out of my own personal research and life experiences. I offer food for thought about various viewpoints and ideas to help my diverse audience explore spirituality and find answers to your questions. Ultimately, spirituality can help you be happier, more successful, and more socially conscious. I offer ideas and techniques based on solutions I've found and used myself.

My podcast episodes and comments and answers on this site are for spiritual indies only.

Let me promise you this... I will do my best to keep my content straightforward and the conversation interesting and directed at you, a real live person who is seeking knowledge and ideas for getting the most out of your life! I tell personal stories about my own experiences, and I will be discussing some very interesting books and programs by Wayne Dyer, Mike Dooley, Karen Noe, Neale Donald Walsch, Ernest Holmes, Jean Houston, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Craig Hamilton, and other authors and teachers who I consider to be my spiritual mentors.

I have no interest in fixed viewpoints and the belief that only one religion is right and every one else is wrong. I believe that openness, oneness, and continual personal growth are important for living life well. I believe that understanding wholeness and learning to live more consciously can help solve many personal issues as well as problems of the world.

In my podcast episodes, you will hear the spiritual explorer in me talking without dogma and rigid thinking. You may hear some irreverence from me and dislike of institutions and people that are locked into a single book as their sole source of information, are afraid of the "F" word, support intolerant and unloving behaviors, and live in fear of a judgmental god. I believe instead in a Universe that is undivided in spite of appearances, infinitely intelligent and loving, full of potential, and governed by the law of wholeness because the Universe is one great whole that arises from one universal consciousness.


On this website, I want to fully engage with you and let you express your comments, concerns, and thoughts about the topics, ask questions, and interact with others who similarly want to grow personally and make a positive difference in the world. I want to know what you have to say, so please let me hear from you. Let me know if you have a personal story that you would like to share. Let me know what you like and don't like, and I will do my best to give you my answers and viewpoints and more of the good stuff! 

And remember... personal and spiritual growth is cumulative; it's usually not one thing that gives you the big breakthrough but many little things.

I love growing personally, feeling more spiritually alive, and more successful in the ways that are important to me, and I'll bet that you do too! The purpose of Spirituality Beckoning is to allow me to share those personal things with you, to let you talk about spirituality and life or ask questions, and to help you grow in the ways that are important to you. WHY?...

BECAUSE I LOVE CONNECTING AND INTERACTING WITH SPIRITUAL INDIES!  We need a vehicle like this to talk about spirituality and to develop higher consciousness together. We can make a difference - in our own lives, to those around us, and even to the world!

If you want to grow spiritually and are looking for new ideas about spirituality, please subscribe to my podcast on your favorite podcast service.

In each episode of Spirituality Beckoning, I tackle some new aspect of spiritual and personal growth, and give you my insights, lessons learned, and ideas you can use immediately. Sometimes I will tell you what some author had to say in a book, video, or audio and discuss key points as I see them.

I want to give you the highest quality content and recordings that I can as an independent podcast publisher, so I will always be looking for ways to make it better. I will occasionally do interviews with people who have special knowledge and/or stories that might be of interest to my audience. I will give you behind the scenes show notes, occasional special videos or audios,and probably even some of the music I enjoy making with my son-in-law.